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FREE DOWNLOAD – I’m ILLY (100 Bars) on Hip Hop Canada

Just in time for his second European tour in as many years, ILL TONE recently dropped a new free download titled, “I’m ILLY (100 Bars).” Going in on it over top of T.I.’s “I’m Illy” beat, Tone drops punchline after punchline right up to the hundredth bar. With such rhymes as, “there’s not a single reason I would play your shit / I wouldn’t f*ck with you even if you were an Asian chick,” this track is sure to impress hip-hop fans that like a little bit of comedy with their raps.

Click the image below to check out the post on Hip Hop Canada.

ILL TONE – I’m ILLY (100 Bars) – free download

On January 27, 2015, TONE posted up a new song for free download.  The song is 100 bars of funny punchlines over T.I.’s “I’m Illy” instrumental.  The release comes exactly five days before he flies back out to Europe for his second European tour in as many years.

The song can be downloaded for free @ .  After clicking the “Buy Now” link, just enter a price of $0 to bypass the credit card information box.  You can also download it directly from the music player below.

WARNING: This song comes with a strong parental advisory.

“UP IN MY HEAD” – physical copies available

“UP IN MY HEAD” physical copies now available! $6.99 hand to hand. $6.99 + shipping / handling if they need to be shipped and handled. BUT… if you cop a shirt ($20), then you get the “UP IN MY HEAD” copy for $1.99, meaning the combo is $21.99.

E-mail ILLTONEMUSIC@GMAIL.COM for more details or to place an order…