Artist Bio: ILL TONE

Having toured throughout nine countries with such established artists as The Beatnuts, Masta Ace, and Evil Ebenezer, and including his own headlining tours in British Columbia, the Netherlands, and Belgium, ILL TONE has crafted a very energetic and highly interactive live set. With a blend of consciously motivated, comedic, self reflective, and honest lyrics, he has tailored his live set to appeal to a wide audience. In addition to performing live with his DJ, he occasionally rocks his sets with a live band (electric guitarist, bassist). He is based in Vancouver.
On February 26, 2013, ILL TONE finally released his debut album, “Bringin’ the Hope Back”. The album was released on URBNET Records and features some of Canada’s best vocalists, including Juno nominees Jasmin Parkin of ‘Mother Mother’, and Kyprios (formerly of ‘Sweatshop Union’). Also featured on the album is Skryptcha from Australia’s ‘Obese Records’. Within a few weeks of being released, the album pulled within the top five hip hop releases in Canada on !earshot (Canada’s national Alternative Radio charts). This was ILL TONE’s second release in as many months to chart within the top five. His mixtape, “Superficial, Wack, and Grandiose (S.W.A.G.)”, had also reached a top five position in January, after having been released in December, 2012. In addition to the positive response the album received from radio, “Bringin’ the Hope Back” also gained praise and coverage from media outlets across Canada. Later, in February of 2014, he released another mixtape titled “The Sacrifice” which hit number six on the same charts.

“Bringing the Hope Back is much more than an album that you put your hands up and move side to side to; it’s a therapeutic experience. The thought provoking material leaves you in a humble state of reflection. Ill Tone’s decision to pour out the gloomy details of his journey allows his audience to connect with him on a personal level, which is a quality that makes a true artist.” - Shaheena Azmatullah (Contributor – Hip Hop Canada)