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“Another Hundred Bars” on Hip Hop Canada

Vancouver, BC – Back with another set of 100 (sometimes vulgar) bars is Vancity’s ILL TONE. On a self-proclaimed hiatus from making music, he still seems to be finding a little time to create and says he hopes to write at least one more installment in this current “100 Bars Series.” With no plans to drop another full-scale release until at least next year, it is clear that ILL TONE’s mind has been in the gutter, evidence of which is presented in “Another Hundred Bars.”

You spit with less substance than Miley Cyrus’s ass has.

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Mouth vs. Mic podcast – featuring ILL TONE

ILL TONE recently dropped by DJ K-Rec’s studio to chop it up with Estea Elements and Stephen Gillis for the 27th installment of their “Mouth vs. Mic” podcast.  The podcast includes an interview and a couple of live performances by Tone.

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“Clubs N Drugs” video on Hip Hop Canada

Vancouver, BC – Back with another video is Vancouver’s Ill Tone. The song, “Clubs N Drugs”, is from his EP, Up In My Head, which was released independently in November 2014. Interestingly, the EP was produced and recorded entirely from Tone’s bedroom on a budget of zero dollars. He made the beat for this one, and four others on the release, and also did all of the mixes himself.

“Clubs N Drugs” is a parody of modern rap videos that are themed around being at a club. Because the song was written while Ill Tone was on a two and a half year hiatus from all chemical substances, including drinking, the MC takes a bitter approach to explaining what it’s like to be in a nightclub while completely sober.

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FREE DOWNLOAD – I’m ILLY (100 Bars) on Hip Hop Canada

Just in time for his second European tour in as many years, ILL TONE recently dropped a new free download titled, “I’m ILLY (100 Bars).” Going in on it over top of T.I.’s “I’m Illy” beat, Tone drops punchline after punchline right up to the hundredth bar. With such rhymes as, “there’s not a single reason I would play your shit / I wouldn’t f*ck with you even if you were an Asian chick,” this track is sure to impress hip-hop fans that like a little bit of comedy with their raps.

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