“Clubs N Drugs” video on Hip Hop Canada

Vancouver, BC – Back with another video is Vancouver’s Ill Tone. The song, “Clubs N Drugs”, is from his EP, Up In My Head, which was released independently in November 2014. Interestingly, the EP was produced and recorded entirely from Tone’s bedroom on a budget of zero dollars. He made the beat for this one, and four others on the release, and also did all of the mixes himself.

“Clubs N Drugs” is a parody of modern rap videos that are themed around being at a club. Because the song was written while Ill Tone was on a two and a half year hiatus from all chemical substances, including drinking, the MC takes a bitter approach to explaining what it’s like to be in a nightclub while completely sober.

Click the image below to check out the video on Hip Hop Canada.