ILL TONE Releases “Thought Crime” Single Before Going On Hiatus

HERE IT IS.  “Thought Crime.”  The last song I’ll be releasing until I decide otherwise.  That’s Peter Henrich on the piano, guitars, and on the chorus, “Their thoughts their only crime.”  I did the bass, drums, and all the sequencing. The song is entirely inspired by the novel “1984″ by George Orwell.

Also, I threw in an acapella as track number two.  I came across a song I recorded last year when I was retrieving instrumental tracks from an external hard drive.  I’d decided to scrap the song, but since the lyrics were special to me, I thought I’d keep the vocals.  I’m, by no means, a singer… so I hit a couple sour notes in there and you can also hear the beat in the background of the chorus.  Not the best recording, but not the worst either.  Please note that the lyrics were written from a dark place and things are much different currently.

Both of these tracks are free downloads.  If any beatmakers or producers want to try their hand at creating a remix from the acapella, be my guest.

So… yup… this is it for awhile.  Free for your listening pleasure.  Download it, spread it around, enjoy it, hate on it, burn it in a fire…. do whatever you want with it!