“Clubs N Drugs”
from the EP “Up In My Head” (February, 2015)

 “Can’t See the Light” ft. Devon Quelch
from the album “Bringin’ the Hope Back” (December, 2013)

 “If Only For A Second” ft. Kyprios
from the album “Bringin’ the Hope Back” (August, 2013)

 “Bringin’ the Hope Back”
from the album “Bringin’ the Hope Back” (March, 2013)

Many of the shows throughout his history have been fundraisers for community oriented organizations such as BC Children’s Hospital, BC SPCA, Downtown Eastside Women’s Center, F— Cancer, Comox Valley Youth Connections, Dawn to Dawn Society, the Food Bank, and Comox Valley Coal Watch… among others. Ill Tone believes that giving back to one’s community and communities less fortunate is important when in a position to do so.

“All I want is to travel with friends and music.” – Ill Tone